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Announcement of Short-listing Result

The Autoridade  Nacional do Petroléo e Minerais (ANPM) publically announces to the candidates who have passed the short-listing process for Legal Officer-Commercial, Negotiation & Contract advertised recently through National Newspapers and RTTL during the period 20 August 2020 – 11 September 2020. Following is the list of candidates, who passed the short-listing process:

Legal Officer-Commercial, Negotiation & Contract, 1 position
No. Name
1 Guido Diamantino Ramos de Jesus Texeira Lopes
2 Helena Basilia Marcelina Magno Dias Ximenes
3 Jorginha Martins
4 Alberto Soares Menezes
5 Solange Pires

The ANPM will contact candidates, whose names on the list to attend writing test, personality test and interview session, at the ANPM office – Tower of Ministry of Financas 7th floor, Aitarak – Laran.

The writing and personality tests will conduct on October 6, 2020 at 09:30am – 11:30am at the ANPM Officer – Tower Ministry of Finance, Level 7th  Floor, Aitarak-Laran. The interview schedule will separately send to you email address.