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Half Day Workshop on Dissemination of Regulation on Trading Activity

The Decree-Law 1/2012 of 1 February 2012 on the Downstream Sector gives the ANPM power to establish regulation on Downstream activities such as Supply, Processing, Transportation, Storage, Trading, Marketing and connected activities.

The activity of Trading Activity is one of downstream activity in which subject to prior licensing by the ANPM in accordance to Article 8 of Decree-law No. 1/2012 on Downstream Sector. This Regulation sets forth the principles, rules and conditions to be complied with in the registration, organization and performance of Fuel, Biofuel and Lubricant Trading Activities in the Territory of Timor-Leste

The 2016-2018 Downstream Directorate Strategic Action Plan foresees the dissemination activity through workshop to be executed within 2016 after the approval and effective date of the mentioned Regulation. This dissemination aims to communicate the general principles, rules and conditions requirements foresee in the Regulation on trading activities, including the administrative procedures in the licensing process.  

The objective of the workshop is to disseminate the rules and duties foresee under Trading Activities Regulation for better implementation and enforcement of the Regulation and to streamline the licensing process. The detail scope of the workshop is highlighted below:

  1. To inform the operator on the principle, rules conditions and fees before license and authorization granted.
  2. To communicate and guide the operator on the registration and licensing requirements in different stages of license and importation and exportation approval.
  3. To inform the operators that the approval for Importation and Exportation will be subject to the result of Inspection and the classification of offences.
  4. To inform the operators industry best practices that the ANPM adopted and foreseen in the Regulation;
  5. To link and facilitate the operator in obtaining relevant document required in licensing process and authorization for importation as well as exportation.

The workshop has been conducted in JL. Vila Conference Room, Dili, on 25 January 2017.