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Public Consultation for the draft EIS/EMP on the Operation of Quarry and Temporary Jetty at Mota Ulun, Liquica District (Extracted From Project Proponent Publication)

This public consultation is seeking for stakeholders’ views regarding a draft EIS/EMP on the quarry operation at Mota Ulun, Liquica District. The objective of this consultation is to gather stakeholders’ comments and observation on the content of the draft EIS/EMP.

The contractor, China Harbour Timor LDA (CHT) has been granted with the authorization to operate the quarry on its own and produce the rocks designated for the construction of Tibar Bay Port Proejct (TBPP), based on the Council of Ministers decision on 21 September 2018, and issuance to CHT with reference no. 155/Cabinet/MOP/X/2018, dated on 1 Oct 2018.

TBPP is the one of the largest infrastructure development projects in the term of VIII Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) scheme, Timor Port S.A. lead the concessionaire since Jun 2016 and commenced the construction since 30 August 2018. Rocks of a certain high strength, and adequate quantity are needed for the future 3 years. Therefore, a quarry of Class A associated with a temporary jetty should be established at Mota Ulun, Bazartete, Liquica.

The draft EIS/EMP has a main objective of stating the quarry related activities and environmental and social impacts, both positive and negative, which will be further studied during the EIS phase with the valuable contributions of all the stakeholders. The public consultation is open from 26 March 2019 to 2 April 2019. A presentation will be held on 26 March 2019, 09:00am, at Salaun Encontro Administração Municipio Liquica.

All stakeholders are able to collect the approved TOR for the Draft EIS/EMP through send an Email at to request for a download link by WeTransfer since now on. All stakeholders are invited to submit their contributions for public consultation to:, and copied to Mr Noel at

When registering with the public consultation, please indicate your name and/or the name of the organization or company you represent.

Comments and concerns can also be directed to Secretary of Evaluation Committee for Environmental Impact Assessment through email:

No. Legal Framework (DRAFT) Type Downloads
1. CHEC Quarry (Mota Ulun) Term of Reference (TOR) (V8) English |  Portuguese | Tetum
2. CHEC Quarry (Mota Ulun) Environmental Management Plan (EMP) (V6) English |  Portuguese | Tetum
3. CHEC Quarry (Mota Ulun) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (V9) English |  Portuguese |  Tetum