To be a leading petroleum and mineral regulatory authority in the region & a model for institutional development in Timor-Leste.



Request for Proposal (RFP)


Ref: ANPM/CRM/RFP/21/003


The Autoridade Nacional do Petroléo e Minerais (ANPM) is a Timor-Leste’s body responsible for managing and regulating petroleum and mineral activities in the Timor-Leste’s Exclusive Jurisdiction Areas and in the Greater Sunrise Special Regime in accordance with the Decree Law on the establishment of the ANPM, the Timor-Leste Petroleum Activities Law, and the Maritime Boundary Treaty (MBT). The ANPM is to establish and supervise compliance with the enacted rules and regulation covering the exploration, development, production, transportation, processing and distribution of petroleum natural gas resources and mineral. It is also tasked to develop a strong petroleum and mineral management institution in Timor-Leste.



The ANPM wishes through this RFP to select and engage a qualified and experienced legal Consultant in oil and gas sector to assist the ANPM-Downstream Directorate in the establishment technical Regulations related to the Downstream Activities in Timor-Leste. Highlights of works seeking for are stipulated in the scope of work below.



The scope of works are:

1.   To assist the ANPM in the review of the technical rules on Road Transportation including performing legal writing of the document and translation into Portuguese.

2.   To assist the ANPM in the review of the technical rules on LPG Storage and Refilling Facility including performing legal writing of the document and translation into Portuguese.

3.   To assist the ANPM in the review of the technical rules for the Atypical Fuel Filling Station

4.   To assist the ANPM in the establishment of Processing Regulation.

5. To assist the ANPM in the finalizing the revision of below Regulations:

5.1 Regulation on Downstream Activities’ Inspection Division

5.2 Regulation on Installation and Operation of Storage Facility

5.3 Regulation on Fuel Quality Standard Specification

5.4 Regulation on Installation and Operation of Fuel Filling Station

  1. To assist the ANPM in providing legal assistance on various issues encountered by the ANPM.

The ANPM shall issue Work Order to the selected consultant specifying work detail from time to time within scope of work and period of contract.

The Consultant will be contracted by ANPM for a period of 1 (one) year and can be extended.



All advice and assistance shall be provided in writing and the output of the review shall be included in a report to the ANPM.

All relevant documentation shall be submitted in English language, unless specified by the ANPM that documentation is to be submitted in the Portuguese language.

The Consultant shall be available for meetings and discussions with staff from the ANPM as necessary as well as discussion or deliver presentation on the outcomes of the review.

Invoices will be raised by the Consultant, after the conclusion of the work issued by the ANPM in the Work Order and the amounts due, which will be paid within 60 calendar days upon submission to the ANPM.

ANPM should make the payments based on the agreed method for the specific task delivered.

All fees paid will subject to a 10% Timor-Leste withholding tax.




Interested parties should make a detailed submission responding to the present RFP. Particular attention should be paid to:

  1. How the scope of work be addressed or Methodology
  2. The qualification and experience to undertake the work including CVs of technical support team; and
  3. Price Quotation



The External Consultant will be selected under a Quality and Cost Based selection, considering the following criteria:

  1. Work experience and capacity to undertake the scope of work;
  2. Qualification and experience of the team proposed to undertake the work;
  3. Proposed Methodology based on the scope of work;
  4. Work Program/Timeline;
  5. Statement of Conflict of Interest;
  6. Business Registration (International/National);
  7. Declaration of any affiliation companies (if any);
  8. Bank Statements within the last 3 months transaction from the date of the proposal submission
  9. Company Organization Structure;
  10. The proposed remuneration or quotation;
  • Financial Proposal in USD figure shall be inclusive of 10% Timor-Leste Withholding Tax;
  • Any incidental out of pocket expenses, such as travel and accommodation must be included in the financial proposal submitted;
  • No amount other than the agreed price shall be paid.



  • The proposal to be submitted to ANPM shall be written in English and the requirement as outlined in the selection criteria shall be provided in a sequence manner.
  • While price is an important factor, it shall not be the primary consideration in evaluating responses to this RFP.
  • Failed to response to the above two notes, will be disqualified or eliminated for further assessment process.



A Request for Proposal should be in sealed envelope, mark “Confidential” and mentioned the procurement reference number for the attention of Mr. Nuno Belo Freitas, Procurement Sourcing Officer and submitted as follow by E-mail, hand or currier to:

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais

Edifício do Ministério das Finanças, Pisos 6 e 7, Aitarak Laran or ANPM Mineral Office at Farol, Rua Direitos Humanos No.1, Aldeia Lirio, Suco Motael, Posto Administrativo Vera Cruz, Dili, Timor – Leste

PO Box 113, Telephone: +670 73099995 / 73099996



The bidding process will be closed on May 5, 2021 at 16.30 hours Timor-Leste time. Late applications will not be considered.



Questions or requests for further information should be made by letter, email or fax and directed to  or through phone +670 73099995/+670 73099996.


Dili, 1  April 2021


Humberto Pereira

Procurement Manager


PS: Please download this announcement in the PDF version by clicking here.