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Signing Ceremony of Vocational – Electrical and Instrumentation Training Program

To initiate a sustainable Vocational Training Program on Electrical and Instrumentation with Centro Nacional de Emprego e Formação, CNEFP Tibar to train 40 selected Timorese and 6 trainers

Today in a ceremony in Tibar, an important event was marked by the Government of Timor-Leste, through the Secretary of State for Vocational Training and Employment Policy (SEPFOPE) together with ConocoPhillips and its Bayu-Undan joint venture partners, and the implementing organizations of Cegelec Oil & Gas and CNEFP-Tibar. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and associated Implementing Agreement and Funding Agreements were signed, establishing the start of a two-year pilot vocational training program for 40 selected Timorese.

The pilot vocational Training program was developed after a year of collaboration with the Government of Timor-Leste and will provide specialization in Electrical and Instrumentation skills to 40 Timorese trainees. There will also be skill development for six dedicated Timorese Trainers from CNEFP Tibar, who will work alongside the international trainers from Cegelec Oil & Gas throughout the program to ensure skill transfer and a long term sustainable program. The program is funded by the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture under a cost recoverable scheme.

“On behalf of the stakeholders of the program, the Government of Timor-Leste, through the Secretary of State for Vocational Training and Employment Policy, ConocoPhillips and the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture, I express great appreciation for the extensive hard-work and collaboration to realize the program.”

“We were extremely pleased to work with representatives of the Secretary of State for Vocational Training and Employment Policy and Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais (ANPM), to collaboratively select a program that aligns with Timor-Leste’s priorities. Their input, guidance and support has been extremely beneficial in finalizing the  program design and specifically establishing the required frameworks for the training program which have just been signed today.”

“The ANPM is committed to continuously working with oil and gas companies and the service providers operating in its jurisdiction to maximize opportunities for Timorese people to develop skills that allow them to one-day work in the oil and gas and many other industries,” said Mr. Gualdino da Silva, the ANPM President.

ConocoPhillips Australia Vice President Kayleen Ewin was in Dili for the signing and shared her views on the proposed program: “ConocoPhillips is proud of the role we play in supporting the development of the people of Timor-Leste and we are excited about the program which aims to contribute to diversifying the workforce and developing skills in Timor-Leste.”

The pilot vocational training program will be located in CNEFP Tibar’s facility and implemented by Cegelec Oil & Gas, a French company. Cegelec Oil & Gas will co-operate closely with CNEFP-Tibar under the supervision of SEPFOPE and all parties will work collaboratively within the management structure established for the training program.

“We thank ConocoPhillips and the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture for the chance to work together on the training program. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for selected Timorese nationals to learn skills that will allow them to work in many different industries. We also thank the JPDA Joint Commission representing the governments of Timor-Leste and Australia for their support in facilitating the ongoing efforts in the employment and training of Timorese nationals and the permanent residents in JPDA related activities” said Mr. Ilidio da Costa Ximenes, Secretary of State for Vocational Training and Employment Policy.