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Internal ANPM

Announcement of Short-listing Result for Procurement Sourcing Officer Position

 Announcement of Short-listing Result The Autoridade Nacional do Petroléo e Minerais (ANPM) publically announces to the candidates who have passed the short-listing process for the position of Subsurface Officer that advertised through National Newspapers and TVTL during the period of 26 October – 16 November 2017. Following is the list of candidates who passed the […]

Resultadu ba Selesaun Dokumentu (short-listing) Programa Estajiu ba Graduadu Universitariu

  Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo E Minerais (ANPM) anúnsia resultadu ba selesaun dokumentu (short-listing) Programa Estajiu ba Graduadu Universitariu nebé loke iha loron 13 Novembru to’o 30 Novembru 2017. Lista tuir mai, naran kandidatu hirak nebé pasa atu tuir izame eskrita. Iha mos kandidatu balun nebé la presiza tuir izame eskrita maibe sei atende deit […]

Final Year Project (FYP)

Overview Purpose The ANPM also commits to offer Final Year Project opportunities to students of Timor – Leste National from Tertiary Educational Institutions and Vocational Training Centres. The Final Year Project covers Field Study Program and Data Information Collection for thesis purpose at the ANPM. Offered Areas The final year project should only cover areas […]