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Final Year Project (FYP)


The ANPM also commits to offer Final Year Project opportunities to students of Timor – Leste National from Tertiary Educational Institutions and Vocational Training Centres. The Final Year Project covers Field Study Program and Data Information Collection for thesis purpose at the ANPM.

Offered Areas
The final year project should only cover areas that available at the ANPM such as:

>> Technical Group Area

  • Geology and Geophysics
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Health and Safety
  • Oil and Gas Legislation
  • Downstream Petroleum
  • Oil and Gas Commercial
>> Corporate Related Group

  • Information and Technology
  • Human Resource
  • Administration
  • Corporate Finance

Note: Only selected areas of interest and agreed by both parties.

Final Year Project at the ANPM may take as much as one to three months depending on the requirements provided in the areas of studies. The following timetable may assist the ANPM and students.

FYP Start Month
FYP End Month
Proposal Submission


1. Field Study Program – students will be attached to relevant department/directorate for whole days of working hours within the period regarding the ANPM’s working hour procedure.

2. Data Information Collection – students only come to the office for several meetings within a week for 2 to 4 hours long each meeting. The schedule will be discussed with the supervisor at the induction day.

The Tertiary Educational and Training Institutions are required to enter into a prior and formal understanding or agreement with the ANPM including nominating a focal point to be liaised with the ANPM. The formal understanding or agreement should be set up prior proposal submission.

The ANPM only offers project opportunities to those Tertiary Educational and Training Institutions that have formal understanding or agreement with the ANPM.

Proposal Criteria

  1. A student must be a Timor-Leste National
  2. The Educational and Training Institutions are required to enter into a prior and formal understanding or agreement with the ANPM including nominating a focal point to be liaised with the ANPM.
  3. The final year project coordinator should send a proposal in his/her acknowledgement and addressed to President of the ANPM with the subject “Proposal of FYP – Field Study Program” or “Proposal FYP – Data Information Collection for Thesis
  4. A good communication between the final year project coordinator and the supervisor and/or Training & Development Officer during the data collection process and completion term. The final year project coordinator’s contact detail has to be included in the letter of proposal.
  5. For data information collection, the student should have already had an approval thesis topic, including scope and methodology of the project which are indicated in chapter one to three of the thesis. A copy of chapter one to three of the thesis should be attached to the proposal.
  6. For data information collection, student should submit a literature review as an academic standard practice before he/she is allocated to officially collecting data for further study analysis and write up thesis
  7. The student also should note that his/her responsibility to do final year project, with guidance from the ANPM supervisor/s.
  8. The ANPM President shall review the proposal from the university and reply with assistance of the Training & Development Officer to send a letter of reply and contact the final year project coordinator.
  9. A student should sign off a “Confidentiality Agreement” prior start the project.


Project Implementation

From time when the ANPM confirms to accommodate a student for the final year project, the student should do as per following:

  1. Present his/her self in the ANPM office at the time as per advised by the Training & Development Officer.
  2. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement of which states that any documents she/he will obtain are not shared to other three parties unless to the university for thesis exam and library purposes.
  3. At the first day of starting the program, the student should follow an induction on process of the program. It is conducted by the Training & Development Officer and supervisor
  4. Deliver an oral presentation and/or discussion on her/his field study program or thesis writing proposal including chapter one to chapter three to the relevant team/directorate in the ANPM – (Thesis Purpose).
  5. Think through his/her project strategy, plan and arrange for the necessary setting up of equipment and test apparatus, analyze the relevant factors, summarize the results obtained, and deduce conclusions. The supervisor/s will assist the student and provide the necessary explanation and guidance only – (Thesis Purpose).
  6. In carrying out the project, students should exhibit initiative, develop an ability to extend ideas and expand on suggestions, and show a sense of responsibility.
  7. Consult with her/his supervisor/s on a regular basis, especially during the initial period and critical moments of her/his project.
  8. The timetable of the consultation envisages eight (8) hours per week within the period. However, the students are expected to spend additional times on the project appropriate to its importance in considerations – (Thesis Purpose)

Project Completion
At the end of the project the ANPM will release a completion letter. The completion letter is a notification from the ANPM to state that the student followed the FYP requirements and has right to proceed to field study appraisal or thesis examination purpose. The ANPM shall only provide completion letter to students who have fulfilled all requirements during the period with following conditions:

1. Field Study Program:

    1. Student should submit his/her final draft of FSP report to supervisor to review
    2. Student should complete the final oral presentation
    3. Student Performance Evaluation

2. Data information Collection:

    1. Student should submit final draft of his/her thesis to supervisor to review
    2. Student should complete the Final Oral Presentation
    3. Student’s Performance Evaluation from the supervisor to Training and Development Unit
    4. Good communication and cooperation of final year project coordinator with supervisor during the process of the project.

Contact and Help
For more information on the Final Year Project which consist of Field Study and Data Information Collection for thesis and its processes, please contact:
T&HR Department
(+670) 3324098 Ext. 212