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Timor-Leste Exclusive Area (TLEA) refers to the Territory of Timor-Leste as defined by the Petroleum Act (Law No.13/2005) of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. This Law provides that the petroleum operation in the territorial sea, together with its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf where, by international law, Timor-Leste has sovereign rights for the purposes of exploring for and exploiting its Petroleum but excluding any onshore area; Beside other legislation that relevant to the petroleum operation that fall under other government institutions’ competency, following is the relevant legal framework for petroleum operations that fall under the ANP mandate and the existing petroleum contracts:

No. Legal Framework Type Downloads
1. Petroleum Activities Law (Law No.13/2005) English |  Portuguese | Tetum
2. National Petroleum and Mineral  Authority (ANPM) (Decree Law No.1/2016) English |  Portuguese | Tetum
3. Public Tendering in Respect of Petroleum Contracts Award (Decree Law No.7/2005) English |  Portuguese |  Tetum
4. Production Sharing Contracts:

– TLEA PSC S-06-05 (Contract Area E)
– CPP TL-OT-17-08 (Block A)
– CPP TL-OT-17-09 (Block C)

English |  Portuguese |  Tetum
English |  Portuguese |  Tetum
English |  Portuguese |  Tetum
5.  PSC TL-SO-15-01 English |  Portuguese |  Tetum
6. Decree-Law on Offshore Petroleum Operations in Timor-Leste (Decree Law No. 32/2016) English |  Portuguese |  Tetum