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Last Day Documents Submission



Autoridade Nacional do Petroleo e Minerais (ANPM) as the National Regulatory Authority for Petroleum and Minerals Sector in Timor – Leste, hereby would like to announce that today, January 14, 2022 is the last day for the submission of the pre-qualification for the companies that wish to be eligible to participate in the Timor – Leste Second Licensing round. Upon receiving the submission of the pre-qualification documents the ANPM will carry out evaluation of the documents to assess the companies technical and financial competence, as well as legal competence and experiences in the local content executions. The companies that have proven to fulfill all the requirements of the pre-qualification will be pre-qualified to participate in the submission bidding which shall take place from January 24, 2022 to March 04, 2022. The assessment for the bidding documents will take place about a month time, and the result of the bidding shall be announced by April 15, 2022. Until today, we have in total of 9 companies that has pre-qualified, another 4 companies that their documents submissions are on review. The ANPM still allow its online system for the document submission open and up and running in order to give opportunities for the companies who might be interested to finalize their online documents submissions within last couple of hours before the system closed by end date of the January 14, 2022.