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Granting of License No.2 – 2014 – Fuel Filling Stations

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo (ANP) Public of Notice, No. 2/2014 Granting of License to Downstream Activity Pursuant to Article 8.1 and Article 16.1 and 2 of Decree Law no. 1/2012, of 1 February, on Downstream Sector. The Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo would like to make public notice on the granting of License to companies who […]

How to Apply for the Downstream Activity License

1. Downstream Activities License Application Form Applicants are require to submit  application form  for requesting or renewing downstream activities licenses based on information stipulated under article 10 submission of documents of  Regulation no.2/2014, of 24, October 2014, first amendment to regulation no.1/2012, of 24 October  2012, on administrative procedure, requirement and fees for the granting, […]

Downstream Inspection

Preliminary Inspection The preliminary inspection is a mandatory inspection conducted whenever ANPM receives an application for the granting of a Downstream  activity license, according to the  regulation no.1/2012 to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulation and to confirm that they meet the necessary technical and safety condition for the carrying out of Downstream  […]