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Annual Report 2012

ANP President Message:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management Committee, and all the ANP staff, I am pleased to present to you the 2012 Annual report of the Autoridade Nacional do PetrÓleo (ANP) Timor-Leste.

This annual report highlights updates on petroleum activities pertaining to the ANP’s jurisdictions including the Downstream Sector. These include the petroleum activities in the Exclusive Timor-Leste areas, and in the Joint Petroleum Development Area. Additionally, it also presents updates on the ANP’s activities both as a petroleum regulatory body and as an institution which always aims at continuous development of corporate related policies and procedures, HR Development for employees, and the continuous reviews and the establishment of the petroleum legal framework required for the ANP’s jurisdictional areas. Similar to the report produced for 2011 activities, this report was prepared in such a way that oil companies activities are separate from the authority’s functions, providing better understanding on the roles and functions from each of the two parties and the relations between them.

The 2012 report highlighted on the completion of ranges of the ANP’s inspections to the petroleum project facilities, amongst others were, the ANP’s Combined Process and HSE Inspection to the Bayu Undan Facilities, the Metering Inspection to the Darwin LNG facility and the KITAN FPSO. Despite the upcoming acreage bid round for the ANP’s jurisdiction was yet to realize in 2012, various preparatory activities were carried out ranging from the completion of the draft bidding pre-qualification bidding guidelines, acreage definition guidelines, to the completion of the draft block division guidelines. Moreover, the ANP also is continuously active in promoting hydrocarbon potentials in its jurisdictional areas through its active participations as speakers both regional and international. On the project operations side, Bayu Undan liquids start to experience noticeable decline as per estimate by the year’s end while gas production remain high. Meanwhile, Kitan production achieved early profit due to high oil price in late
2011 to mid-2012.

In addition to the activities for the upstream petroleum, the promulgation of the first and the only Downstream Decree Law in Timor-Leste by the President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (RDTL) in February 2012 marked a new chapter for the administration of the Downstream Petroleum in the country.

At the year’s end, two subordinate downstream regulations were further completed covering administration of licenses, and downstream inspection.

We hope that this report provides sufficient updates on the way in which the petroleum activities are undertaken in Timor-Leste Exclusive Areas (TLEA), and in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) in the Timor Sea under the spirit of the Timor Sea Treaty signed between Timor-Leste and Australia in 2002, and the way in which ANP as a petroleum regulatory authority undertakes its active roles in accordance with its mandate. Despite of the experiences gained, the ANP is committed to continuous learning and improvement to better serving all stakeholders interests in various respective areas of its mandate. In doing so, constructive inputs and thoughts are mostly appreciated and welcomed for improvement clear and user friendly reports in the years to come.


Gualdino da Silva

ANP 2012 Annual Report. Please click here to see the details.