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Annual Report 2013


Message from President

ANPM President “2013 has been another eventful year for ANP. Significant progresses were made to build capabilities to deal with emerging operational issues and promote active involvement with industry and governments stakeholders”

The year in review
2013 has been another eventful year for ANP. Significant progresses were made to build capabilities to deal with emerging operational issues and promote active involvement with industry and governments stakeholders. Our work to review key policies, initiatives and capabilities continued as high priority to ensure that they remain relevant in our fast changing working environment.

As a new organization ANP adopts a very proactive approach to regulate oil and gas activities in the Timor-Leste Exclusive Area (TLEA) and the Joint petroleum Development Area (JPDA) in the Timor Sea. This approach has enabled us to establish not only better understanding of the industry but also confidence as partners in the industry. This positive interaction coupled with our commitment had enabled the delivery of many of the programs in 2013.

Reviewing Regulations
Our attempt to review regulations for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas not only in the JPDA but also in the TLEA had resulted in the identification of areas for improvement and establishment of Draft Regulations. This will continue to be a major undertaking in 2014, until a new regulation is established.

Exploring for Potentials
Despite relinquishment of the contract areas, to maintain the pace of exploration activity, a new Production Sharing Contract in the Joint Petroleum Development Area was awarded. This new area is within the proximity of existing oil field and oil discoveries. Exploration program will examine the prospectively of the area which is predominantly an oil discovery area.

The two existing producing fields in the Joint Petroleum Development Area shows decline in liquid production. The Kitan field shows sharper decline in production, nonetheless several drillings were made to maintain the production in both fields. With the decline in liquid production, gas production in Bayu Undan field became major revenue stream to the governments and the contractors.

Keeping Eyes on Health safety and Environment (HSE)
HSE remains paramount in every aspect of our work. Aging facilities requires adequate plans for maintenance to ensure integrity of the facility for continues safe operation. Our regular inspections coupled with audits and observations raises important findings which requires corrective actions from contract operators. The actions are thoroughly followed up to ensure that they are closed. In the fields, majority of the reported incidents were near misses and first aid, medical treatment and restricted duty cases were marginal, most importantly there was no work related fatality in 2013. Minimum impact to the health of the workers as a direct consequence from work processes and the environment has been a testimony of continuously improved interactions and cooperation between the contractors and the authority in enforcing the applicable governance framework.

Managing Downstream
Building on the 2012 accomplishment, in 2013 two regulations for downstream were established and effective to regulate the downstream industry. Engagement with downstream stakeholders in Timor-Leste to raise awareness to the requirements of downstream activities has been a focus to path ways for better implementation of the downstream regulations.

Journey in 2014
As ANP prepares its journey into its sixth year in existence in 2014, it is expected that there will be more challenges ahead. ANP will continue to commit itself to striving for excellence, develop industry standard of skills and competencies for its personnel and work closely with our key stakeholders to manage and safeguard the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in the Timor-Leste and the JPDA, as well as ensuring gradual improvement in the enforcement of the Downstream governance framework in the country for the benefits of all parties.

Gualdino da Silva
Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo Timor-Leste

ANP 2013 Annual Report. To download it, please click here.